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The Most Outrageous Novelty Gag Gifts!

Welcome to Pepper's Gag Gifts

Hi there fellow cyber- shoppers! I’m your good ole girlfriend, Pepper, and I couldn’t be happier to make your aquaintance! If there’s anything you need to know about me it’s that Pepper loves a good joke! Growing up on the farm in the country, my kinfolk were always cutting the fool with each other and loved to play jokes. After all, there ain’t that much to do in the country that don’t involve shoveling smelly critter stuff! And that’s a gag of another kind!

Funny, Outrageous Novelty Gifts

Browse around Pepper’s Gag Gifts and you’re gonna find an assortment of gag gifts that will keep you in stitches. I remember my cousin Toby had some stitches that he clean away split open laughing so hard at one of those gags we used to play on him. Toby wasn’t the smart twin… but that’s another story!" Pepper’s gonna do you proud when you’re looking for the perfect way to give a birthday gag gift, over the hill gag gift or just want a gag gift idea for any day of the week! Since my third divorce (he was a cheater) I had to find something to do and making people laugh seems to be just about my favorite thing in the world to do. My cousin Sandy (the one with one ear longer than the other) said “Pepper you need to sell some of that funny stuff you like so much,” and it didn’t take near another word ‘fore I was doing just that. It ain’t hard and it’s a lot of fun and it pays the bills. Always could use the help on that, friend! Ain’t life expensive? Especially make-up, hair spray, and those heels and ear bobs I like so much.

Here’s how it all works: Look around, make an order, use that fun plastic money and you are on your way to a laugh attack like you ain’t never seen! I’ll get your order and lickity split, I’ll box that sucker up and take your package down to the post office myself – heels and all, right through the mud. Besides, Thelma at the Post Office has the best dirt and Pepper loves a good scandal almost as much as I love a good gag! So take a look at my gag gift collection, send me a note telling me what you like or can’t find and Pepper will make sure I keep you happy… I’m always looking for new gag gifts. After all, what’s life without friends and Pepper wants to be your friend… and share a laugh or two compliments of my gag gifts. Start shopping… it’s getting late and Pepper’s got some things to do tonight… but that’s a story for another time….