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The Most Outrageous Novelty Gag Gifts!
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Adult Gag Gifts

My Uncle Fester is always cutting the tom-foolery and sometimes those pranks of his can get down-right R- rated. He says to me one day "Pepper, a real lady is gonna let her man talk a little racy so he don't get too interested in acting that way!" Well here at Pepper's Gag Gifts, I can't agree with him more and I got some of my favorite racy gifts listed here under Pepper's Gag Gifts Adult Gag Gifts. Browse around but don't get to asking me too many dang questions. Pepper's workers get a little red in the face talking about Adult Novelty Gifts and I hope you can appreciate some of that there modesty. But feel free to take a gander at these here gag gifts and let me know what tickles your fancy (but don't give ole Pepper too much detail)! After all, I am a lady!