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Animal Gag Gifts

Can't begin to tell you how many animals Pepper has liked better than those two legged creatures (and I don't mean apes)! For anyone who loves his doggone dog, adores his sissy old cat or just can't resist teasing a friend who does, Pepper has a few gag gifts perfect for that new dog owner or animal lover in general. Pepper thinks a dog gag gift is one of the silliest and dang-near funniest gift you can give... especially for those weird folk who have real parties of their animals! Go ahead, let Pepper know what you think of my animal gag gifts including dog gag gifts, cat gag gifts and a little more! Go ahead! Then call me... I will be a wagging my tail when you place an order and Pepper knows that ain't a bad sight... at least that's what the men tell me!