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Bathroom Gag Gifts

Before my daddy done got him some of that there indoor plumbing we used to have to head to the outhouse behind the shed. Some nights ole Pepper just about froze herself to death waiting for that there John to vacate. Pepper used to dream about getting my own double-wide with a fancy indoor commode and such. Well pert-near all my dang dreams is come true. I got me a nice trailer on a good piece a land and this here business Pepper's Gag Gifts is taking off like a boot-legging spotting a law man. And I love these here novelty gag gifts with every piece of my soul and a few pieces of my best costume jewelry too. But when I start thinking of that there outhouse and that there lawn John, it still tickles me. I can't help it. After gagging at the smell of those places, I done set me up some bathroom gag gifts like novelty toilet paper. I just think everything about bathrooms is funny and I got you a mess of funny ole bathroom gag gifts to keep you laughing all the way to the head and back!