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Birthday Gag Gifts

Pepper stopped celebrating these there birthing days once I hit 21 but heck, Pepper loves a party so feel free to do it up good with some fun Birthday Gag Gifts brought to you from my fancy pants collection of great gag gifts at Pepper's Gag Gifts. Heck, if you didn't laugh about a birthday you is sure to do some crying and that's gonna ruin Pepper's eye make-up! At Pepper's Gag Gifts, we done made the choice to do some laughing at those ole birthdays and these birthday gag gifts are a great way to let the party begin! Whether you want to entertain the birthday boy or just keep the crowd laughing, my great birthday gag gifts are worth celebrating! Hey, and why not give a teasing like gift to a friend by giving one of them there over the hill birthday gifts too. At Pepper's I got just about everything! Before I stop bragging on this here section, Pepper is gonna do a shameless plug on another section I got too that you might want to check out for birthday gag gifts. I wanted to call it my old fart gag gifts but my friends said that sounded too redneck and hick for you fancy city folk so I got all uppity and called it my Over the Hill Gag Gifts. Personally I think old farts is easier to remember but heck, to sell my dang gag gifts I can get all city-fied and fancy... shoot, you should see your pal Pepper dolled up on a Saturday night! I got it going on city-like!