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Funny Clocks

You heard me talk about my Aunt Birtha? Well Aunitie Birtha says to me one day "Pepper aint nothing funny about time passing you by." Well pardon me Aunt Birtha but I gotta tell you you ain't right at all! At Pepper's Gag Gifts, time is very funny with my funny clock gag gifts and silly what-nots. These funny clocks are worth watching time pass you by! Take a quick peek at these here clocks and tell me if you ain't at least got a smile going there. I'd let Birtha know 'bout these here clocks but she is meaner than a sack full of rattlesnakes especially when we talk about time and how she ain't on the right side of it at her age! Come on, don't waste no more time... look at Pepper's Gag Gifts!