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Diva Gag Gifts

The Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, Pepper's always gonna spring for the finery that makes her a lady. But not just a lady. I am a certified card-carrying tiara wearing Diva and there ain't nobody that's gonna tell you otherwise... at least not in my neck of the woods. Why last year at the trailor park annual picnic, I was named Trailor Park Honey and got me a sash and crown and a year's supply of fried chicken down at the local diner (core I was already set on that one since I done dated the owner's son before I caught him cheating with the night time waitress (she was working overtime!) but heck it's the honor of the whole thing so I took the chicken without crowing about it). Even today, I got me a picture hanging in the sitting room with me a crying and carrying on over the shock of the whole thing. But enough about me! Take a look at Pepper's Diva Gag Gifts and give that sexy diva in your life a laugh or two. It ain't easy being a diva and Pepper ain't gonna admit otherwise! At Pepper's Gag Gifts, you ain't gonna go wrong especially when you want some of those dang gag gifts that do double duty: keep you laughing and keep the party going! Come on, honor that diva in your neck of the woods with a fun diva gag gift from your good buddy Pepper at Pepper's Gag Gifts.