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Funny Neckties

Pepper done split her sides looking at these funny neckties... I just wish these here ties came in some shirts or something so Pepper could get in on the joke! At Pepper's Gag Gifts, I got to thinking that I done seen a bunch of funny ties in the stores so I am sort of filling up some here higher social good. Take a look at some of these... funnier than a monkey in a china shop and half as noisey! I know some people done think it is not funny or a gag gift at akk and are going wear them serious and such but these ties are a funny gag gift for that preppy city boy who done thinks he is hot... well, pepper! Let me know if you got any ideas for Pepper's Gag Gifts especially for these here ties since some of them exist because you mentioned you were looking for them! Happy shopping and don't get tied up making a decision... just buy them all!