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Funny Notepads

My cousin Millie's got one ugly baby, I mean to tell you. Little Homor fell out the ugly tree and hit just about every dang branch on the way down. But God love her she thinks there ain't nobody finer. One Christmas, I gave Cousin Millie a funny ole Babysitting Notepad that had stuff that just about made me split my pants laughing! And that's what Pepper's Gag Gifts is all about! So it got me to thinking, "Pepper, there must be loads of those funny ole notepads that can keep someone in stitches for weeks!" And I was right. Pepper started hunting them down and for dang sure, I got a mess of them for you to take a gander at on Pepper's Gag Gifts. Go ahead and look at them here gag gifts since the laughing is all free -- now the buying is gonna cost ya!