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Funny Pens

My old buddy Clay is wild as a peach orchard hog but you ain't gonna know it when he gets all gussed up and heads off to work. And Clay ain't got one of them sweating jobs... no, Clay's in a real fancy office with those cubicle things to separate him for the bucked teeth girl in the next one. Now I know that ain't got nothing to do with Pepper's Gag Gifts but I love to share a good story. I am telling you the only way you know old Clay is a country boy is his funny pen. He showed it to me and says right proud "Pepper, what fine pens you got!" I am feeling fancier than a preacher on Sunday. And Clay knows about preachers since his Daddy used to be one before he and the piano lady got to prayng too much if you know what I mean. And without getting into details, it wasn't long before the preacher was the new handyman at the church. Well even if his Daddy is an ex-preacher, you know how fun those preacher kids can be! They is all ready for a gag gift and sure do love to cut the fool. So check out my funny pens and commence to laughing out loud just like my uppity friend Clay does!