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Golf Gag Gifts

Pepper just don't get it but maybe I am dumber than a box of river rocks. But what is the fun of walking around a golf course chasing a little ole white ball? At Pepper's Gag Gifts, I got me some stuff I love and some I just trying to understand... and golf is one of them. My ex used to go gather the balls and sell them back to those fancy pants golfers but me? I would rather be watching the soaps back in the trailer with the window unit on high blast and drinking some cold brew but who is Pepper to judge? Anyhows, I know how you golfters are... anything about golfing is either gonna make you cry or laugh! So take a look around Pepper's Golf Gag Gifts and you are sure to find something that is going suit you fore sure or my name ain't Pepper, the gag gift queen!