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Holiday Gag Gifts

One year, I got me one of those purty silver trees with shiny blue balls on it and sure enough, I was the talk of the diner. Why that tart that works with my cousin Lenny at the parts factory started flapping her gums about how my trailer is tacky. Well there ain't not accounting for taste since she has all these holiday gag gifts people done given her all over her shake down by the railroad tracks. So Pepper gets to thinking "Let's get that fancy tart feeling real bad by selling lots of her holiday finery in Pepper's Gag Gifts and I found a few treasures. Please buy these since that tart is gonna be one of many with these tacky decorations and what-dads but I am the only one in my trailer with that silver tree with the blue balls and that gives ole Pepper bragging rights that she ain't even thought of and that ain't gag stuff, that is serious talking there!