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Lawyer Gag Gifts

Our city-slicking lawyer moved to town more than ten years ago since he married a local girl he met at the capitol when she was on tour with her high school class. Well I ain't gonna get into tacky details about why they married so quick but let's just say there was a shotgun involved and he was at the wrong end of it! Well Big City Bob is so dull he couldn't cut hot butter with a knife but I mean to tell you, he has really helped me with Pepper's Gag Gifts! He says to me "Now Pepper, don't forget us lawyers when you start playing around with your gag gifts store since we are really like a good joke!" Well, 'course he is saying this to me with this dead-panned face like he done breathed his last but that's Big City Bob! Take a look at Pepper's Lawyer Gag Gifts and let the laugh be on those fancy pants lawyers for a change!