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PMS Gag Gifts

My last ex used to say that PMS stood for "Pretty Much Screwed" since he said that nothing he said or did could make me calm down and put away the sharp objects! Well, I hated to tell him that PMS had little to do with it but it kept me out of the tank one night when we got to waking up the dead screaming so loud. His loser friend Nat called the poleece and, before I could say polecat, that blue light was blinding me. Next thing I know, we were playing kissy face with the hood of his poleece car and he had my hands behind my back and I yelled "I can't help it, I have PMS! Well faster than ugly bride down the aisle he let me go and was doing his "I'm sorry dance" all over the trailer park. And that's when I first got to thinking about the power of PMS! I decided it was almost funny so that's why Pepper's Gag Gifts includes a little bit of PMS Gag Gifts... enough to make her laugh but not enough to make her want to help you sing soprano in the Sunday school choir! Get to looking!