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Joke "Cell Phone Citation" Note Pad for Rude Public Talkers!



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A Great Way to Get Back at Rude Talkers

Are you ever sitting in a diner and a rude talker has that dang cell phone attached to his dang ear? Well, your buddy Pepper has and that's why we at Peppers Gag Gifts love this here Cell Phone Citation for Rude Cell Users. It allows you to write out your own ticket. When I go to the diner, I go ahead and write those suckers out and leave them on their tables like their dang bill from the waitress. I also give it to the waitress and have her leave it as one of those tips from me.

Pepper wants you to know that the citation says that everyone can hear you and gives you an array of things to check such as "Loud talking" Disturbing the Peace" and more.

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